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Licensed Company Providing Quality Home Healthcare

Nursing and Diagnostic Help in the Comfort of Your Home

Do you feel the nursing home or hospital environment is not for you? Do you simply not want to be far away from your loved ones for extended periods? Consider Avesena Home Healthcare, Inc. in Addison, Illinois. We are a professional company specializing in providing a wide range of skilled nursing, therapy, and diagnostic services to many patients.

What is Home Health?

Home healthcare provides health services to patients in their own homes. At Avesena our goal is to empower more people with medical needs to live their lives the best way they can—that is, at home and with their families. We also use education and improved health to empower our patients.

Who Is Qualified?

If you are currently enrolled in Medicare, you can use those benefits for our Home Healthcare. To enroll, you must be under the care of a Medical Doctor. Your doctor should testify to the fact that you are in need of home care services, and have difficulty leaving home. If you think that you meet this criterion, give us a call! We will work with your doctor and health insurance provider to coordinate your home health services.

We can answer your questions and help you get started. Your home health care will be paid out of:

  • Medicare
  • Insurance
  • Private Pay
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