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Your Trusted Home Health Provider

Avesena Home Healthcare, Inc. in Addison, Illinois has been in the business of providing home care for more than 12 years. We are committed to providing quality nursing, therapy, and diagnostic services through compassion, integrity, and excellence.

Conquering the Threat of Hospital Readmissions

According to a study by, the frequency and costliness of hospital readmissions can easily be reduced by introducing gradual but systemic changes to the system of providing health care to individuals. This includes improvements in the transition planning system, a responsive means of follow-up care, and even the persistent treatment of many chronic illnesses.

Our Mission, Vision, and Goals

To ensure that our vision of being an all-encompassing comprehensive home healthcare delivery system manifests into reality, we aim to provide excellent services that our patients need to continue with their lives. Our mission is to be recognized as leaders in the provision of home health care with an emphasis on patient-centered care—a focus on the highest quality of care and empowerment through professional education for our staff, patients, and their families.

All-in-all, our goal is to provide quality healthcare to our patients by establishing a system of transition, coordination, and continuity of care. Moreover, we also hope to ensure minimal re-hospitalization and emergency visits while optimizing each patient’s independence and safe living.

About Our Nursing Supervisor

Stephanie LaBudde RN BSN WCC, nursing supervisor for Avesena Home Health Care, has been a part of the Agency for the past six years. In this time, the Agency has grown and conformed to the ever changing demands of the medical industry including the new developments related to Medicare and private insurance reform. Stephanie works with her staff to provide a smooth transition from facility to home for patients with new or progressing disease processes. She is wound care certified and is passionate about the new advances in wound care and promotion of healthy skin integrity.

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